Feeling a bit “legless”!


So yeah, this one doesn’t have any Doodles (sorry!) but I am including a video instead. Please excuse the state of me and the fact that it is addressed to my mum – I wanted her to be the first to see. The video is from a couple of weeks ago, but there has been little/no improvement since.

View video HERE

Oh and while I’m actually typing, I am now officially a DOT COM domain! Woo! So new web address is http://www.doodleasido.com

26 thoughts on “Feeling a bit “legless”!

  1. I hope for your fast recovery. The poem is well written, I actually enjoyed reading it that I didn’t realize it really happened.


  2. I admire you sharing your journey. Sounds scary what you’ve gone through. Glad you are positive though. That mindset is important. Also congratulations on your domain!


  3. I love your poem. It shows a lot of determination! Your video is awesome too, congrats on taking those steps. I know you are very proud to have accomplished this.


  4. I hardly read poems and remember the days in school that i felt so lost when we would have to write a paper about a poem I had no clue what it was talkng about lol! I’m sorry about what happened to your leg and so glad you’ve found poetry to express yourself!


  5. Wow! I hope they figure things out for you soon. I’ve got a blog post coming up soon that shares some similarities. I woke up to a leg that would not bend at the knee when I was 13. In my case, it was a non-cancerous tumor condition. I’ve since had three surgeries and continue to live with some pain to this day (20 years later). Living with legs that don’t work can be done! I’m wishing you all the best!


      1. It sure was. I’m great now; some pain still and lumps that will be there forever, but I’m very used to it now. πŸ˜‰ The full story is definitely to come. So many things to write about, so little time!


  6. This exactly thing happened to me. I woke up one day with Shocking sensations on my legs, was later diagnosed with GBS, I have recovered largely. I wish you speedy recovery.


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